GM Food Study Has Shocking Findings

Although since the WA government claims genetic modified crops are safe, two new studies are sending waves of shock internationally. The latest GM food study has shocking findings that link a GM based diet with horrific tumors and cancers.

In 2010, the WA government lifted a ban on genetic modified crops, sparking international controversy. Over the past few years scientists have researched how safe GM foods really are. A recent study on rats fed with genetic modified food has shocking findings. Eating GM food puts you at risk of early death, severe organ damage and breast cancer.

Coincidence or not, the state of California is about to vote over Proposition 37, which would force companies using GM ingredients in their products to label them. Although advocators against GM foods are promoting the new study on the damaging health effects of GM, the truth is the findings are really shocking.

A GM food study published in the journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology investigated the health impact and life expectancy of rats fed on corn produced by Monsanto and sprayed with its Roundup weedkiller.

The rats fed over a two year lifespan on GM corn developed horrific tumors and had suffered severe organ damage. And the tumors’ onset was early explained the French scientists. After four months eating Monsanto’s GM corn, rats began developing tumors.

“After one year, there was a … high increase in the number of tumors” said Gilles-Eric Seralini, study lead author, who also added that most of the female rats in the trial had at least two tumors. “In females, all treated groups died 2-3 times more than controls, and more rapidly” the GM food concluded.

On the overall, during the French GM food study, 50 percent of the rat males and 70 percent of the rat females eating Monsanto’s corn died prematurely. It’s a shocking conclusion and a terrifying thought seeing as in the U.S., 90 perfect of the corn crop is genetically modified. So where does that leave American consumers?

“You don’t even have [GM] labeling in the States, and you are very late in this thinking” Seralini reacted against scrutiny during the press conference. “I think the world has to chance if we really want to have secure food” the French scientist told reporters.

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  1. You haven’t seen the latest news on this piece of research. Scientists and journalists alike are close to declaring this French study a monumental hoax. You may wish to update your site rather quickly.

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