Gloria Vanderbilt opens up about son’s death

Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of TV star Anderson Cooper, opens up about her son Carter’s tragic death on the show of her other son. Cooper says his mother has gone through numerous important loses in her life. Now, she will speak about them and how she managed to deal with them over the years, on Cooper’s show, tonight.

Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of Anderson Cooper, has suffered the loss of her father, her husband and of one of her sons. For any person, this would be devastating. However, she found the strength to go on, and this, without becoming a bitter woman. On Anderson Cooper’s show, tonight, you will get to know the details of Gloria’s life and especially about the death of her son, Carter.
When explaining in detail the last minutes of Carter’s life, Gloria says that she thinks about that day all the time. At the age of 23, Carter committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of the family’s home in New York. Gloria witnessed his act and explained that he did not jump. He just let go. “He was sitting on the wall with one foot on … there and one hanging over and kept looking down.” She was begging him to come back inside. “When he went like an athlete and hung over the wall…he let go”. For a moment she thought he was going to come inside, “but he didn’t.” She adds that her first instinct was to jump after him, but then she thought of her other son, Anderson.
Vanderbilt says that “closure” is a “TV word” and in cases like this you cannot have closure. “You never ever get over it, but you learn to live with it.”

During the show tonight, Cooper and his mother will also talk about her memoir, “It Seems Important at the Time”, in which she mentions many of the men who fell in love with her. Among them, there were celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your family story. We have to remember at the end of the day we feel, cry, hurt,…. just the same and in that respect it doesn’t separate us as human beings. As a person from Texas and a legend as Ms. Vanderbilt we share the same feeling… which keeps us grounded.

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