Glitch In IRS’ Where’s My Refund Tool

At a time when almost everything is available in digital format or can be obtained through the internet, glitches such as IRS’ “Where’s My Refund tool seem to be difficult to understand. And that’s particularly annoying when it comes to important aspects of today’s life such as tax returns and tax refunds.

To be fair this is quite a touchy subject, in part because getting an error message from the website you just used to fill in your personal and financial data is concerning. On the other hand, glitches like these aren’t exactly what a consumer expects from a reputable authority such as the IRS.

However, if it happened to you too, then you should know that the service continues to remain out of service. The website still holds a message informing taxpayers that IRS is aware of the problem. “Taxpayers who have filed electronically and received an acknowledgement from the IRS are concerned when they visit “Where’s My Refund” and are told that we have no information regarding their return”.

The message continues saying that it is just “a temporary situation” which should be resolved :in a few days”. As soon as the glitch is fixed taxpayers who had troubles with the service “will be able to get an expected refund date when they visit Where’s My Refund”.

A spokeswoman for IRS said that the glitch in the system will not affect the processing of tax returns or issuing tax refunds. Although she could not comment on the cause of the problem, she did mention there are “some technical difficulties right now, but expect to have this resolved soon. We apologize for the inconvenience”.

According to official data, in late January the Where’s My Refund tool had similar problems. At that time it affected taxpayers who used it between January 17 and 25 and chose direct deposit for their refund.

Timothy Flacke, executive director of Doorways to Dreams (D2D), told ABCNews that the issue at hand is more urgent than it might look. Flacke says that during the first two months of the year, most of those that use the tool to get their tax refunds are poor people, those that qualify for earned income tax credit.

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  1. I filed my taxes on January 28th and the Irs accepted them on the 4th of Febuary .First I was getting it on the Feb.8th then they said Feb. 11 It didnt come,called H&R Block they gave me Feb 15 th Still didnt come So I went to IRS.GOV. Still no information about my taxes What really going on?

  2. I understand everyone’s frustration my refund was due in my bank on 1/25/2012 and yet still have not recieved it they say no later than on the am 2/17/2012 which is in a few hours but their site gives no information at all. There agents what a joke its just a run a round no matter what you do with no real answers forthcoming.

  3. @James has it been past 21 days? If so, I would contact the IRS directly to see what the hold up is. If not, I would wait until day 21 from the time you submitted the tax return. Hope this helps.

  4. It’s a real crime & shame, our country is lightyears behind!!! It seems like an evil scam our gov. is doing to us w/ our money-do they even have the $$$ to give to us???

  5. This is VERY frustrating. Last year I had problems. I filed in February and did not receive my money until late May. I actually had to go through a tax advocate. I am worried since I cannot see anything relating to my return online. I called and was told to wait 21 days from the day I field. As for “poor people” filing early….I am far from poor. I pay ALOT in taxes and get back ALOT in taxes. I simply want my money since I overpaid and put that money to good use. I hope they get it together. I hate being disappointed at tax time.

  6. I filed mine on 2/3/12 and was told I would get them by 2/15, still haven’t and can’t get no info. I filed my sons on 2/10 and they were accepted on 2/11 and he got his refund today whats up with this picture.

  7. i filled mine with h and r block on feb 2. i payed them 100 dollars extra for them to take out an rac loan, so i could get a paper check on the 15. still no check. i called h and r block and they told me that the irs is behimd and they have no answers for me. this was my 15 year with h and r block and will be my LAST….

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