Glenn Beck moves to Dallas for GBTV

Glenn Beck from the Fox News Channel is leaving the Fox offices in New York for the countryside. His media company has started building a television and a radio studio in Dallas, according to Associated Press.

The television personality has decided to leave the Big Apple quarters of Fox News for the more loose ones in Texas. His new television network is named GBTV and will host a show of two hours which will be hosted by the boss himself. The new TV show will start airing in late summer. Until then, don’t despair, you will have the chance to hear him on the radio as Beck is continuing his syndicated radio show.

However, Mercury Radio Arts, the president of Glenn Beck’s company states that the offices in Dallas will not make the ones in New York ineffective. They are not going to be abandoned.

Glenn Beck had success written all over him since his first day at Fox. He doubled the audience almost immediately after being welcomed in the team, in January 2009. However, he lost most of his audience and advertisers in the summer of 2010 when he said during the show that President Barack Obama had “ a deep seated hatred for white people.” His racial comment put an end to his until then high rated show, which was aired until June.

Glenn Beck, who is 47 years old, has written six books until now. All of them were ranked as bestsellers by the New York Times. His company, Mercury Radio Arts is a multimedia production company which provides materials in several media areas: radio, television, publishing, online and on stage.
Beck has both critics and supporters, like all celebrities. His supporters see him as a constitutional stalwart who speaks for the traditional values of the Americans, while his critics accuse him of starting conspiracy theories and turns simple things inco incendiary subjects for one purpose only: the ratings.

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  1. Great News. I have always been a fan of a man who speaks what is real. Glen Beck.

    I am an editor producer who worked in Hollywood and survived with my morals and self respect in tack. I now live and work here in Dallas!

    Welcome to Dallas.

    Richar’ Farr

  2. Glenn, I have followed you just about every day and I belive you not 90% but 99.99 % in everything you preach. I do my research. I’m a councilman for going on 28 years and a GOD fearing man. Please do a story on former Idaho congressman named Curtis Bowers around 1992. He has a yutube vidio about THE NAKED COMMUNIST and spells out their agenda in laymens turn. Pleas take time to research this. It is happening. I have made copies and giving it out to the non believers.
    Councilman Melvin John Guidry 504-450-4397.

  3. I love Glenn Beck, but if you think I am going to pay and then have to watch on a pc, wow, you got another thing coming. Sorry to see you go, thought you had a great program on fox at 5….. Lots of luck…

    Ray Grego

  4. Haha…!!! Wishful thinking Eli Wads “However, he lost most of his audience and advertisers in the summer of 2010 when he said during the show that President Barack Obama had “ a deep seated hatred for white people.” His racial comment put an end to his until then high rated show, which was aired until June.”
    Eli, you are a very poor researcher or a liar. Roger Ailes has lost big time as Glenn has moved on. Glenn left on a very high note, never did he lose half his audience. In fact his popularity soared when he spoke the truth about Obama’s blatant racism. The truth is what people are starving for and as much as Fox News would let him he told it. Now, at GBTV without corporate sponsors, Glenn’s popularity can only go up. He is beholden to none but God.

    Web based programming is today. No more missing out of programming because you have life happening around you. If you prefer to watch at your convenience on a big screen, I understand there is a device that will facilitate that as well. $5 or $10 is nothing for getting the blatant honesty we have come to expect from Glenn and his team at Mercury Radio Arts.

    Good riddance alphabet channels. PJTV.com needs to up their level of interviews and the American people will finally get some decent news competition in the spirit it was always intended to be.

    Three cheers for capitalism!!!

  5. May GOD bless you, your family, all of the men and women who work with you Glenn. Finally we have a man who is bringing back common sense, true, and morality. Anyone who loves America now is the time to united and fight back for our grand-kids and our children. You can count me in for GBTV

    Jim Bittner

  6. God bless you Glenn, I a 77 year old conservative who was raised on the principles set forth in our constitution and bill of rights.I just cancelled my Blockbuster $19.95 account and the $9.95 will insure your GBTV will be a success I have listened to your radio show whenever I could. I have saved almost a year of your 5:00PM shows on dvd.s now. I relive the moments when I really feel that our hope is slipping away. I have both audio and hardback of broke. The quality of your hardback is almost encyclopedia quality This is my first time ever commenting about freedom of will and of choice. I am looking forward to September.

  7. Hi, Glenn. I feel it is my destiny to work for you. My wife calls me a warrior. Been with you the whole way, including me & my son driving to 8-28. Welcome to Dallas! Would love to hear from you. Johnny

  8. Dear Glenn; Just a note to tell you how much we have enjoyed your show. We made it a point not to miss them. It WAS SO REFRESHING to get TRUTH. We have already subscribed to GBTV and look forward to the same top notch show9 and more ON YOUR NEW program. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOURS, WE LOVE YOU, GLENN. My father s name was Glen also. He celebrated his 100th birthday before leaving this world. I just celebrated my 80th birthday this month. GOD BLESS AND CONTINUE TO GO WITH GOD!!

  9. Hello Sir. I have truly miss watching you . I thank GOD for all your hard work. I pray that or Lord and Savior keeps on blessing you and your family. I live in Graham Texas and am thankful that you are in Tx.

  10. Is Obama a racist???…Is Obama a socialist???…Is Obama a narcissist of the worst kind, that thinks he is a King or even a God???…Wake up America…Are you kidding me??? YES HE IS TO ALL OF THAT and so much more that is worse than you’ll ever know, because you’re too afraid to face the truth…

    Unfortunately most people don’t haven’t had the guts to take a stand and say it like it is…But a sleeping giant has arose and we are standing strong and we saying it like it is…we are yelling it like it is…and never take it again like it was…
    The party is over for all of you that helped bring our country down…It’s over for all the free loaders that think freedom and everything around them is free…it is time to take back our country…Never again will we let it happen…You’re days are finally gone…all those creeping, crawling, slimy, progressive, Marxists, and the old establishment creature guard of the swamp in congress without a soul or conscience will be gone…all the members of the corrupt bias national media will never be forgotten or forgiven in helping to destroy our country and pushing it to the brink… all the rest of you Obama zombies can join us and stand with us and truly make our country better and stronger than it ever was… or you can continue to follow the biggest fraud that ever lived “Obama the disaster” and jump the cliff that he is leading you to…we will not miss any of you.

  11. The best of luck & may GOD bless you & your family . I t might be tough going at first but remember when the going get s tough the tough get going.

  12. August 10, 2011, Dear Glenn, I see that you read too many books. When is your slow down time for stillness and silence and calmness before Almighty GOD. The books that are better to read are, “Hypnotic States of Americans” and “Secret Power of Words” and “Finding GOD in Physics” all by author Roy Masters. on http://www.fhu.com. GOD Bless.

  13. Glen Beck is such a breath of fresh air on the air waves in America! We just paid the $99.99 for a 13 month subscription and feel it is so worth every penny on our soon to be worthLESS dollars. Thanks for digging relentlessly for the truth, Glenn. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead you, guide your path and protect your family and staff! With Love in Christ we can do all things. Robert Seligman

  14. August 17, 2011, Dear Glenn, Your Radio show was great today. It had me Laughing. Some Missionaries have been taking me to the Park only 2 blocks away and they have been reading “The Book of Mormon” to me and my own Bible and it is so lovely. Happy to see you went to Israel. I wish I could see Israel too.
    I went to a Ladie’s Baptismal and that was such a Blessing, so Beautiful. I would like to send in a $5.00 check each month so I can be a part of your http://www.GBTV,com new adventure. I like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and you. Do you have a phone #? and an address where I can send to you the $5.00 check?

  15. Glenn,I wish you God’s blessing.I’m happy you’re leaving Fox,and moving to Texas.I love everything you say,because you tell it like is,the truth.You are right when you say people HAVE to put GOD back into AMERICA and our lives.My prayers are for you and your family. I also have a son named GLENN,he is a CAtholic Priest,he watches you and agrees with your views .I will look forward to GBtv. God be with you

  16. Glenn, I love you and love your views.May God bless you,and keep giving America the Truth ,we are sick of the bull that is shoved in our face Keep GOD in AMERICA.

  17. Thank you, Glen!
    Thank you for standing up and telling the truth!
    Thanks you for trying to open the eyes of american “free” people! For using your critical thinking and not sticking your had in the ground!
    It’s a loss to Fox and for all of us that your show will not be aired daily for the nation, we really hope that GBTV will become more and more popular to save the day.


  18. Thought you were going to move too Houston but if you like snow and ice Dallas is o. k.. If you change your mind then all of us in Houston would be glad to have you.

  19. Where did you get the idea that Glenn’s ratings tanked because he said that Obama is a reverse racist? First, Obama IS a reverse racist! We only have to listen to Reverend Wright speak one time to confirm that! Glenn only speaks the truth, and, as he says, the truth has no agenda. Those who DO have an agenda can’t tolerate this. Glenn’s ratings had NOT dropped when he left FOX. He left for several reasons. He felt that particular show’s format was no longer what he wanted to be doing, and he couldn’t do what he needed to be doing on FOX–he had to become self-employed. Plus, he wanted to get his family out of New York for safety reasons. Texas also is also a better climate for business. Glenn isn’t afraid to make changes in his life. Those who do have an agenda fnd him (and the truth) threatening so need to try to tear him down. There is no lie too big for them to tell to accomplish this.

  20. Glen,It will be very difficult to fully express my gratitude and admiration for your courage and dedication to expose the ongoing efforts of a tyrant and his regime to destroy the America that i grew up in, and love.When you began to realize that he does not want govern as the president of a republic, but to rule as a tyrant, all other suspicions and questions ,fall into place and become transparent. But I needed your truthful,and most excellent critical insight to remove the vale of lies and deceit,that has been placed very carefully before all of our eyes by the liberal media. Thank you. You truly rank among all the great patriots that are willing to put country first above all else.

  21. Glenn, we love you, and miss your tv show on Fox. We;re looking forward to your new showGBTV signed up right away. The problem is I am having trouble logging on. It keeps tellin g me I have the wrong e-mail and password. It won’t help me. I missed your shows in Israel because of this. What can I do?? HELP

  22. Dear Glen, I cannot express how much I have missed your 5 pm show from Fox. Nice try Fox with his replacement but it lacks the pazzaz (?) Glenn gave us Monday to Friday.

    Good luck in Dallas, my son and family moved to Frisco in late August for job advancement. Anxious for 9-12 and wish you continued success.

    Our prayers and support continue.


  23. Hello Glenn, Loved your show on Fox News Channel. You are a great American. Looking forward to your new show on GBTV. Good Luck and God Bless to you and your family.

  24. Hey Glenn ….. love your ‘correct’ broadcasting! I subscribed to GBTV- Restoring Courage and LOVED IT!
    Just wanted to know if the ‘gossip’ is true …. are you raising your monthly charges to $10.00??? Please let us know!
    Thanks Glenn!

  25. GOD bless you and your family . You are a great American and it appears to me youy love GOD. All the best to you in your newest endevours,,,I implore you , please, please be accurate when referencing the Word of GOD, I implore you please be as diligent in your research of GOD’s Word as you are in your research of polital matters. I love you GOD bless you and yours.

  26. Dear Glenn…You were the high-light of my day while at Fox. I miss your wit, intelligence and honesty concerning the current world affairs. Your message from Israel, (my favorite place in the world), was tremendeous! Thank you for sharing your life and faith with those who will listen… just as Jesus did! God Bless and keep you safe.

  27. Hi Glenn ,I cannot tell you how much I have missed your show from FOX . Good luck in Dallas ,It would be nice if you
    move to Chicago and talk about Obama ….
    GOD bless you and your family .Love..

  28. I love you Glenn, however, your site is not user friendly for this 72 year old lady. Takes me forever to get your show, in the meantime I miss 1/2 the show. (I am a member)

    Help!! please……….

    Thank you,

  29. Glen, I miss your 5 o’clock show . Going to Israel meant a lot to all of the people that are looking for the truth. Please help to educated the new generation that we need to be united and love one another.
    from Sarit ohana

  30. I agree with thee 72 yr old lady I can not get into your web site to follow your program. Since I cannot find your program I think I will cancell my subscription. How do I get to talk with some one to express my concernes.? turp1928@gmail.com

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