Giuliana Rancic scheduled for breast cancer surgery this week

E! News host Giuliana Rancic is scheduled for breast cancer surgery next week. She announced on Monday morning on the Today Show, that she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in August.

Two months after getting her diagnosis, Giuliana Rancic will undergo a surgical procedure later this week, in order to remove the small tumors. After the surgery, she will undergo chemotherapy for about six weeks. She and her husband Bill said that the cancer has been caught in early stages and it is “100% treatable”. When explaining how she got the news, she says that the doctor told her the diagnosis very quickly. She said that she was instantly overwhelmed by the news. “It was like the world just crashed down around me.”

After she made two attempts of getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization, her doctor advised her to get a mammogram, as fertility treatments often increase the chances of developing a form of cancer. Giuliana says that she listened to the doctor, but never imagined she would get a positive result.  “I never, in my wildest dreams, expected that anything would be wrong,” she confessed to host Ann Curry.

Hours after revealing the news on NBC, she made a second appearance, this time on E! News, to give more details about her state. She told Ryan Seacrest that she wanted to open up publicly about her condition so that she could inspire other women to go and get checked, even if they don’t feel like they need to. She resisted to the idea of getting a mammogram at first, but now she is thankful she did it so early, as she caught the cancer at a very early stage. “I’m gonna survive, I’m gonna be just fine, I’m not broken”, she told Ryan Seacrest, who started asking her if he could borrow her parking spot, or her assistant, while she was away. “Don’t get too comfortable!” she answered.

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