Giuliana And Bill Talk About Breast Cancer And Baby Hopes

Giuliana and Bill released an interview for Us Weekly in which they talk about their sad experience with breast cancer and their baby hopes for the future. The couple claims that the past events did not affect their relationship; on the contrary, Giuliana’s health problems strengthen their marriage and now the two make plans to renew their vows this summer.

Giuliana has been through one of the most difficult years of her life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer while undergoing her third round of IVF treatment in order to conceive a baby. As a consequence, the E! host had a double mastectomy on December 13 and went through a reconstructive surgery afterwards. Despite all these problems, Giuliana and her husband, Bill Rancic, claim that their bond grew even stronger because they both knew how to show their support and recognition.

Bill told reporters that the only explanation he could find for their long lasting marriage is the fact that they took their vows seriously five years ago when the wedding took place. He further added that there were only two possibilities for them: they could have had faith or fear, but they chose to have faith in each other.

Giuliana confirmed everything that was said by her husband. Moreover, she confessed that the she has always been close to her husband, but the recent interventions made them even closer. The reality TV star concluded that Bill is “her everything”.

There are many good events on the horizon for the couple as they are getting ready for their fifth season of Giuliana & Bill which will start next Tuesday at 8 p.m. In addition, the couple will renew their vows this summer and the ceremony will be organized by Bill. The star joked that he wanted to plan the ceremony because that way he can control the budget.

Giuliana hasn’t given up on her dream of becoming a mother and Bill is one hundred percent there to offer her support. They declared that they will probably start the treatments once Giuliana has been completely cured.

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  1. Bill and Giuliana,
    I am a late comer to your show but after my sister called me and said she watches your show and Dr. William Schoolcraft is your doctor I can’t help but watch. You see, he was my Dr. 19 years ago! I now have a GORGEOUS 18 year old son who will graduate from high school in May.
    Dr. Schoolcraft was not world renouned as he is now but obviously he was on his way! My son is healthy and truely
    “model gorgeous”. My best wishes in your journey. Trust in Schoolcraft he knows what he’s doing 🙂

  2. Guiliana and Bill,

    I just finished watching Guiliana’s THS. As a couple I applaud your commitment to one another. I am a fan of your reality show and joke with my husband that we would make great friends. Guiliana’s perseverance and tenacity is awe inspiring. As a couple you exemplify the philosophy of being kind to those you encounter. What I enjoy the most is that you both make me laugh. Out loud.

    Sending nothing but positive energy your way,

    Marnie Geiger
    (I have never done this before – tried to communicate with a celebrity.)

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