Ginnifer Goodwin and fiancee Joey Kern split !

Big Love actress, Ginnifer Goodwin and her fiancée, actor Joey Kern, split, despite and engagement that went on for 5 months and a pretty long relationship, People magazine reports. They were planning to marry in the fall of 2011.

An unnamed source tells People magazine that Ginnifer Goodwin, 32, and her long term partner, Super Troopers actor Joey Kern, 34, called off the engagement. The source also mentions the fact that the split happened “a few weeks ago”. Ginnifer and Joey started dating 2 years and a half ago at it seemed that they were passing the test of the “2 year itch” relationship. But a few months after announcing their engagement in December 2010, they decide they should maybe start seeing other people.

Is Ginnifer unlucky in love?
The characters that she played and made her famous were all having difficulties in starting and managing a romantic relationship. Let’s take the example of the movie “He’s just not that into you” where she plays a girl that is desperate to have a boyfriend, so desperate that she drives them away. She is trying to figure out a whole bunch of “signs” that the guy likes her. She is the typical girl that wants a relationship so bad that she pushes that moment far away in time. Another example would be “Big Love”. Although the subject of the film is from the start one of controversy – the Mormon way of living – we could try and see why she felt comfortable playing a woman that is a third wife of a man. Again, the character doesn’t have a monogamous relationship. In her latest movie, Something Borrowed, she practically lets her best friend marry the man she loves. Lucky for her, she ends up with Prince Charming in the movies. But the reality seems quite different.

Is Ginnifer a strong independent woman?
Lately, there have been actresses that got out of relationships, in order to experiment life a bit more. Take, for instance, January Jones, that even though she is pregnant, she isn’t afraid of stating, on the cover of Allure magazine: “I want to go away … and kiss other men.” In the interview, she said she does not want to be caught in a marriage who is unhappy, unlike the character she played in “The Hills”. She is not afraid of being a single mom. At the Hollywood premiere of the movie “Something Borrowed” Ginni told Rachel Smith of OTRC.com: “There is something about weddings that involves real self-analysis and a sort of, step back from one’s life to find the assurance to move forward to a whole new kind of commitment.”

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