Gigaset takes on the Smartphone Market with Me, Me Pure and Me Pro Phones

Even if the smartphone market is pretty crowded with the existing brands, it seems like there is always room from one more. Gigaset has decided to enter the smartphone market with three new models, called Me, Me Pure and Me Pro. This company is the latest smartphone hardware and software player which is looking to enter in a battle that is dominated by the Android and Apple. 

However, compared with other new players like OnePlus, this company already has a large experience behind, because it was born as a part of Siemens, the famous German engineering powerhouse. This means that Gigaset is already producing gadgets for a global market.

However, the three new devices are 4G LTE phones and they will be available starting this autumn, in both Europe and China. Until this moment, a possible release in Australia and US hasn’t been announced. Me Pure, the 5-inch entry level device, will be available at the price of 390 dollars, while the Me, the mid-range 5-inch model, will cost 530 dollars. Moreover, the high-end 5.5-inch device, called Me Pro, will be available at the price of 620 dollars.

To be mentioned that the Me and Me Pro will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors, accompanied by 3GB of RAM. The Me Pure hides under the hood a Snapdragon 615 chip, which is pretty decent for an all-day use.

The displays for all three models are full HD 1080p, while the camera on the front has 8-megapixels, pretty good for selfies. To be said that Me Pure features a 20-megapixel main camera, while the other two models have 13-megapixels. Gigaset claims that the Me phone comes with lightning-quick autofocus, making it easier to quickly get a photo of a moving target or in-focus snaps. 

Another interesting thing about these phones is that they come with a fingerprint sensor located on the back, while the Me and Me Pro features a heart-rate monitor. Me, Me Pure and Me Pro also come with two SIM cards, allowing users to use two phone numbers in one device.

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