Giants celebrate Super Bowl victory with parade

Giants’ fans have gathered in downtown Manhattan to celebrate Super bowl victory with a parade on Tuesday, says Reuters. Numerous supporters of the football team displayed signs with the triumphant line “Believe in Blue” while dancing salsa and blowing horns.

In case you missed one of the greatest games of 2012, you should know that Eli Manning, the Giants’ quarterback and Most Valuable Player of the year, managed to erase an eight-point third-quarter deficit on Sunday, thus defeating the New England Patriots for the second time.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who organized the ticker-tape parade in honor of the New York team, asked the crowd if they were feeling “déjà blue all over again”. His question made two references, the first one at the color of the Giants and the second one in relation to their 2008 victory over the Patriots.

It was hard for the New York police to keep track of people who were present at the parade because the crowd spread from the southern tip of the island of Manhattan to City Hall. Even so, they estimate that the turnout was easily in the thousands.

Keishla Gonzalez-Quiles, a 19-year-old student from New York, told reporters that the Giants make New Yorkers feel proud of them. She confessed that she has been a Giants’ fan since she was little and she supported them irrespective of their ups and downs.

Although New Yorkers claim that the Giants is their team, there are many other cities that would like to praise themselves for being represented by such a successful squad. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has even proposed naming the team the “New Jersey Giants” because the squad’s stadium, East Rutherford, is placed in their city.

The New York parade was not enough for the “blue” supporters, so another celebration was scheduled later on Tuesday at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey where the Giants play. Not all of the people who were present at the parade celebrated the Sunday victory. There was also a group of teenagers wearing “Mrs. Cruz” T-Shirts. When asked about it, they all declared that they don’t know anything about football, they only wanted to join a parade.  

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