Giants’ Aubrey Huff Put On Anxiety Treatment

It’s impossible not to have noticed by now that Giants’ Aubrey Huff kind of disappeared. Many have noticed his absence, but everything was elucidated yesterday by the team’s manager. Giants’ first baseman Aubrey Huff was put on anxiety treatment for the next 15 days.

Manager Bruce Bochy told reporters that Giants’ Aubrey Huff has made the disabled list. During the following two weeks, Aubrey Huff will be unavailable. The manager made the announcement just ahead the game with the Reds, which the Giants won.

Anxiety disorders are not so uncommon among major league players. Aubrey Huff will join a list carrying major names, such as first baseman Joey Votto with Cincinnati Reds, pitcher Justin Duchsherer or pitcher Zack Greinke. 

Bochy told the San Francisco Chronicle: “Obviously, we’re putting Huff on the DL. The reason is, he had an episode of anxiety…He’s going to meet us in San Francisco when we get back, but we can’t keep going short”.

The truth is that anxiety disorders and mental health problems have been common in baseball, but these just haven’t been making the headlines that often. Bochy explained that big league players “deal with pressures of life, whether it’s home, personal or on the ball field”.  “I’m sure it was there when we played. Guys probably weren’t as comfortable about it and weren’t as likely to talk about it openly” emphasized Bochy.

For Giants’ 35 year old Aubrey Huff, problems started after the participation in the 2010 World Series championship. However, it’s likely that Aubrey Huff’s problems might go deeper than that. When Huff was only 6 years old his father was killed. Just off January 31, Aubrey Huff and his wife filed for divorce. Add to that the scrutiny he has been under for his performance in the last and current season.

“He’s gotten some treatment and will continue to get treatment” said manager Bruce Bochy. He also added that not even Buff knows exactly what’s causing his anxiety. Bochy said it could be both the baseman’s personal life and baseball performance. “I don’t know if he knows. It could be both”, explained Bochy.

The clubhouse at Giants’ seemed stunned by the announcement. Barry Zito said: “You all know Huffy, he keeps everybody loose – he reminds us all to have fun. I’m not sure what to make of that”.

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