Gianni Versace’s Miami Mansion For Sale

TMZ announced that the late designer Gianni Versace’s Miami mansion is up for sale. The starting price imposed by the selling company is $125 million due to the sophisticated and luxurious décor that Versace has chosen.

Some might think Gianni Versace’s house is a masterpiece, others, like me, might find it garish, in spite of the positive comments. Nevertheless, only those who can afford to spend $125 million will be able to purchase the Ocean Drive house which is now up for sale. The selling company has established the price by taking into account the characteristics of the house and the materials that have been used for its decoration.

According to the announcement, the house features 10 bedrooms, 11 baths embellished with Italian marble, an Observatory room and a huge pool. In addition, “Casa Casuarina” is facing the Atlantic Ocean, so the owners can enjoy unique views from their rooms. There is, however, a small drawback, that is, the fashion designer was shot death on the steps of the mansion and this might prevent superstitious potential buyers from getting the house.

The mansion was first built in the 1930s and Gianni decided to purchase it in 1992. Although he was impressed with the initial design of the house, Versace wanted to add some of the Italian opulence to the residence. He succeeded by spending $33 million for the renovation of the house and by personalizing it with frescoes, as well as massive wood furniture. The outdoor space of the residence is just as glamorous as the inside. The late designer imprinted his logo on most of the objects in the backyard from the iron gates, to the garden paths and the pool. The 54-foot long mosaic tiled pool was also lined with 24K gold.

The house functioned as a residence until Gianni Versace’s death in 1997. In 2009, the owner decided to turn it into a boutique hotel and a restaurant and now he has announced his intentions to sell it.


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  1. i was once gianni personal secuity guard i spent a lot of time in that house i had my own personal room there i dearly miss him my brother tupac introdouced me to him he could draw close by just looking at you some days he would have me try on close just to draw something differnt on how the close should look on me he could draw glasses hats anything he wanted and then he would have desghners come over and start sewing and stitching and with in a couple of hours he would have the shirt short or pants in your face just like he use to draw it rip to a good person 206 730 1569..

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