Getty Images Makes 35 Million Images Available for Free

Getty Images just announced that they will be making 35 million images available for free, for non-commercial use. 

In other words, this means that blogs and sites can use Getty Images with absolutely no issue starting with today. Getty images have codes that users can use to embed the chosen pictures on their sites. 

Using the embed code will allow users to simply take advantage of posting a photo on their websites, with full copyright information intact. Moreover, the image will automatically be backlinked to the license page on Getty Images. 

It seems that the decision actually is linked to Getty’s intention of combating copyright abuse. Copyright concerns are quite big, as this practice on images is extremely spread nowadays.

This is why Getty Images allows non-commercial use of its imagery on websites, blogs and social media channels, with no costs. 

This might be a good idea, as users will have to include photographer attribution and provide a link to Getty Images. The embed tool offers users a simple and legal way to use content that they might need on their blogs or websites. This tool allows shares while respecting “creators’ rights, including the opportunity to generate licensing revenue.” 

“Pretty much everyone is a publisher in today’s world, whether they think about it or not, that trend is accelerating and imagery is more important to those who are sharing on the net,” Craig Peters, Getty Images VP of Business Development, Content and Marketing, claimed according to Business Spectator. 

Peters went on to explain that currently Getty Images are highly used by many users. Actually, he explained that the use of these images is more significant than what we may think. He added that users are “using it but they aren’t licensing it. With embed we are giving them the ability to use the images for free simply and legally.”

This is why they reached this conclusion. For now, no comments have been made on the possibility to monetize this embed functionality. However, such opportunities might exist in the future, monetization being possible for instance with ads, although this will not happen soon. 

Getty is quite convinced that its photos are going to be used by many people. Potentially, anyone can now browse in the 35 million images on Getty and use the embed tool to post them wherever they want. Just be careful, as the images can be used only in editorial content and on sites, not in promotional material. 

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