Get Your Mashed Potato Slurpee At Your Nearby 7-11

Talk about odd food news. If you’re ever in such a hurry you don’t have time to take a bite of normal food, then perhaps a mashed potato slurpee would work just fine. So, get your mashed potato slurpee at your nearby 7-11!

No, this is not a joke and yes, this is happening in the United States, not some exotic Asian land. Thrill seekers that are suckers for some crazy arteries-blocking meals now have another thing to try. The 7-11 introduced for the first time in the United States a vending machine that serves mashed potato slurpee, only days after its 85th birthday.

It’s been years now since the odd choice of slurpee became popular in Asia. Singapore is particularly the place where mashed potato slurpee is a favorite daily menu item. But in the end, Asia is known for food on the go. All over Asia, serving drinks in a plastic bag with a straw is as convenient as it gets.

But going back to the newest food oddity in the United States: the mashed potato slurpee. For once you’re not going to have to make your own mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving. All you have to do is run to your nearby 7-11 and work up the modified slurpee machine. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3: place a cup under the nozzle, press for the “mashed potato” option and wait until hot, almost liquid, potatoes fill up your cup.

And you’ve got gravy on top of that. Just hold on for two more seconds with your odd mashed potato slurpee cup and the machine will serve you with gravy. Chicken gravy that is to make everything slide down easily. There’s even an option for BBQ-flavored mashed potatoes, so you could give that a try too.

But let’s talk about the recipe. The unusual vending machine and slurpee is a creation by Maggi. There’s no secret about it: powdered mashed potatoes are mixed with hot water and voila you’ve got a meal you can eat with a straw. Now, isn’t this convenient? But it’s hard to say it’s actually a healthy choice of a meal.

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