Get On The Go With DO, Says Coca-Cola

With all the recent hype over the health hazards in beverages such as Coca-Cola’s, the company is looking for ways to keep its customers close. It also didn’t help to reduce the scrutiny after Coca-Cola became a sponsor for the Olympic Games once again. The company launched a campaign that would entice moms to buy more soda. So, get “On The Go With Do”, says Coca-Cola.

Only a few weeks ago Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s Mayor, was indirectly blasting soda companies for being one of the reasons behind the obesity epidemic. Shortly after the initiative to ban big sodas in New York’s venues, Coca-Cola executives argued the obesity pandemic wasn’t their fault.

So, Coca-Cola’s new promotion, “On The Go With DO” aims to change the image most parents have about their products. The promotion is part of the company’s My Coke Rewards program which gives children the chance to have David Oliver (D.O.) visit their school for a day. Moms are enticed to buy their products in the hope their children’s school will be the one lucky enough to get a field day with Olympic medalist David Oliver.

If Coca-Cola’s “On The Go With DO” entices you, then you need to purchase the beverage and use the points under the bottle’s cap to donate for your children’s school. The promotion is active until August 12 and the field day experience is scheduled to take place this fall.

“As a long-standing sponsor of the Olympic Games, we are excited to bring an Olympian to spend time with a lucky group of children”, reads the company’s statement. “Providing this unique opportunity is our way of sharing a creative outlet for youth to join in the fun of the Olympic and be physically active” added assistant vice president Kimberly Paige.

David Oliver won the bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic Games. He said Coca-Cola’s new campaign is representative for his life and wants it “to encourage moms to promote the importance of daily physical activity for children”. “Exercise and organized sports can have such a positive impact on your life” said David Oliver.

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