George Michael To Re-Star Tour

George Michael’s reps announced on Monday that the singer is planning to re-start the tour he cancelled last year. The “Symphonica” tour was scheduled last year, but the “Faith” interpreter fell ill with a severe case of pneumonia and all the performances were cancelled.

George Michael is ready to get back on the stage and delight his fans with some of his famous songs. The interpreter was supposed to hold concerts in the main cities of Europe last year, but his plans were dashed when he fell ill with severe pneumonia. George was in Vienna when doctors decided that he needed to stay in the hospital until he recovered completely. All the performances were cancelled and the tour was postponed for indefinite time.

Spokespersons stated on Monday that George Michael is now getting ready to re-start last year’s tour because he is feeling healthier than ever. The first concert will be held in Vienna where the “Symphonica” was interrupted. George Michael told reporters that he plans to donate 1000 tickets to the medical staff that took care of him as a sign of his appreciation. He further thanked his family and his friends for the support they showed to him when he was sick.

The first concert in 2012 will be held on September 4, whereas on September 9, the singer will perform at the Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris. British fans of the former Wham! frontman will be able to see him sing at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 29. According to the organizers of the show, the tickets that were sold last year will still be valid in 2012.

The concert includes many other cities in the UK, such as, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Sheffield, Newcastle, Cardiff and Liverpool. In addition, George Michael will concert in some of the most popular cities in Netherlands.

Despite the various run-ins with the law that the singer has had in the past few years, George Michael continues to be one of the most loved British interpreters. He sold almost $100 million records throughout his career and gathered an estimated fortune of 90 million pounds.

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