George Michael postpones the rest of his tour

George Michael had to postpone the rest of his 2011 tour due to health issues. Currently the pop star is in a hospital in Vienna, getting treated for a severe pneumonia.

Michael’s agent said in Friday that the 48 year old singer is responding well to treatment and his overall health status is improving but he was advised to rest. The agent wrote on George’s website that although the singer is receiving the best medical care and his treatment is proceeding successfully, the doctors “have advised that he cannot perform the rest of his tour and that he instead takes a full and complete rest”. The doctors consider that peace and quiet is also mandatory, alongside complete rest in order to get the singer back on his feet.

The artist had to cancel two concerts included on his “Symphonica” tour, the ones in Vienna and Strasbourg, and postpone 14 others, among which three performances in London. The three concerts which were supposed to take place during November and the 11 during December will happen at a future date, not yet disclosed.

At the moment any person who purchased a ticket for one of Michael’s upcoming concerts is advised to retain them pending the conclusion of the discussions regarding the future dates of the rescheduled performances.

George Michael’s career started as one of the lead singers in the group Wham!, who reached complete fame during the 1980s. The singer of well known hits as “Careless Whisper” had to spend one month in jail last year due to being charged with driving while under the influence of drugs. Furthermore recently Michael suffered a personal set back when he separated from his long time partner, only two months ago.

The 2011 “Symphonica – The Orchestral Tour” started in August in Prague and had Michael performing in over 45 concerts to date. The show was received very well by the critics.

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