George Michael and Kenny Goss love story comes to an end

British singer George Michael (47) appears to be chased by bad luck. When he is not in trouble with authorities,he has problems in love.George Michael is single again after he was dumped by his boyfriend Kenny Goss(51).Singer`s friends put the blame on George because he had repeatedly says to his lover that he would give up drugs, but failed to keep his word. Furious, the businessman decided to end their relationship and left Britain to settle in his native place, Texas. Apparently another reason for the breakup is the time that they spend apart.

When the information appeared in press George denied the breakup and described the news as an insult, but admitted that the relationship with Texas businessman is not very quiet. He also said that he loves Kenny very much and their past misunderstandings and problems were not because his lifestyle .
Singer George Michael met the businessman Kenny Goss in May 2005 at his art gallery in Dallas, and took several months to convince him to become his lover. The two admitted their affair until 1998, when George was caught in a public restroom in Beverly Hills while having sex. Their relationship was spiced with numerous scandals, most caused by George and his inability to give up drugs.

Drugs put him in trouble
George Michael has appeared often on tabloids because of his problems with drugs and his frequent visits to prison.

The singer was first arrested for drug possession in February 2006.Also he was arrested in May 2007, in north-west London, for driving under the influence of drugs.

Will George Michael get a second chance?

As a punishment,  he was forced to perform community service and was forbidden to lay hands on the wheel for two years. In September 2008, George has done it again. He was arrested in a public toilet in London and charged again for possession of narcotics. In December 2009, the singer told that he left it softer with cannabis and that he takes only seven puffs per day, compared with 25,his daily ratio. In 2010 George Michael failed to give up of hallucinogenic substances.Being under the influence,  he lost control of the wheel and the car crashed into a building. He admitted his  guilty and was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, a fine and he said goodbye to  his driver license for five years. In addition to cannabis, George Michael used Amitriptyline, a drug whose side effects include fatigue, fainting and hallucinations.
Currently, Michael contends that his problems with drugs belong to the past but the events of recent years proves that he it’s not telling the truth.

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