George Clooney wants to be a Stay-at-Home Dad

Famous actor George Clooney is extremely happy to be married. Moreover, it seems that the Hollywood star is also ready to have a family. It has been reported that Clooney is desperate to have children and he actually wants to be a stay at home dad. 

Amal Alamuddin, Clooney’s wife, is amazingly successful when it comes to her career as a lawyer, so maybe she is not ready to sacrifice that to have a child. However, sources reveal that Clooney wants a child very much. Some sources indicated that Clooney actually has always wanted to be a dad. He reportedly told some friends that he is anxious to have “mini Clooneys.” Moreover, Clooney told some close friends that he hopes his children will inherit the beauty of his wife.

Some sources went to say that Amal and George Clooney have everything figured out. It has been reported that the two plan on setting in the UK, for their children to be raised in this country. However, the couple plans on spending at least three months in the US, each year. 

Moreover, Clooney wants so much to have a child that he is ready to leave his acting career aside to take care of the baby. Clooney is said to have actually offered to be a stay at home dad and allow Amal to return to work. Still, the same sources claimed that Amal is not really convinced that her husband will make this sacrifice. It has been claimed that the beautiful lawyer is certain that Clooney will change his mind once the baby comes along.

As imagined, Amal is not going to sacrifice her career to be a mom. Actually, sources claimed that her career ambitions will not change and the star will hire a team of nannies, to be able to stay focused on her career, for which she has worked very hard. In fact, Amal Clooney has been named London’s most powerful woman. She made it on no. 4 on the Evening Standard list, being ranked after George Osborne, Boris Jognson and Demis Hassabis.

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  1. Yes Because he is so old he would have to stay home. These two are a couple of pukes.

    He will do anything to stay in the spotlight. I would feel sorry for any kid who looked like either of them. At 53 he should be a grandpa what a joke he has become.

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