George Clooney Related To Abe Lincoln?

A-list actor, George Clooney could be related to Abe Lincoln according to a recent discovery made by Ancestry.com. The website researched the 16th president’s family in order to make preparations for the upcoming movie “Lincoln” and discovered that the two are distant cousins.

Women have always wooed George Clooney due to his good looks and successful career, but the actor could soon become even more popular now that a genealogy website revealed he has presidential bloodline. Indeed, the 51-year-old star is a distant cousin of the 16th American President, Abe Lincoln, due to Lucy Hanks, Lincoln’s maternal grandmother.

Researcher Michelle Ercanbrack told the press that the study was accomplished for the upcoming movie “Lincoln”. The research revealed important similarities between the family trees of Abraham Lincoln and George Clooney. Moreover, both personalities have deep roots in Kentucky, so it was easy for the administrators of the website to find a connection between the two.

The website specified that Clooney and the late president are “half-first cousins five times removed”. However, “The Descendants” star is not the only actor who is related to Abe. Tom Hanks was also notified at the beginning of the year that he is a distant cousin of the former president, more specifically, on Lincoln’s mother Nancy Hanks’ side of the family.

Steven Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln” required a thorough research within Lincoln’s family tree. More than three centuries of his family’s history were subject to analysis in order to better recreate the character of the movie. The director was just as surprised to hear that the two celebrities are related to Abraham Lincoln. Nevertheless, the finding didn’t seem to affect Spielberg’s decision of casting Daniel Day Lewis for the role of the Republican president as the British actor seems very fit for this part.

George Clooney did not release any statement in relation to the information disclosed by the website. Bad mouths claim he won’t make any declarations any time soon, considering that the actor is a convinced Democrat.

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