George Clooney Investigated by the FBI for money laundering

Things are not looking well for famous actor George Clooney. The actor is allegedly investigated by the FBI and the allegations are as serious as possible. The authorities are looking into claims of money laundering.

At least this is what a new report from the National Enquirer claimed. The report indicated that Clooney was actually “dragged into an FBI probe, after gifting stunned dinner party guests with $1 MILLION in cash stuffed in a designer bag!” Actually, these money are investigated by the authorities and how Clooney obtained them. The dinner party where the money were given was allegedly held with the purpose to celebrate Clooney’s tequila line, Casamigos.

According to the report, Clooney just wanted to “spread the wealth” and didn’t imagine that he will be investigated for this. “Being the practical joker he is, George would’ve known that doling out $1 million in cash to each guest would’ve caused some intrigue and embarrassment when they went to deposit the money at a bank,” an insider said according to the celebrity site.

“There is a protocol, and the FBI would’ve been called in to question the depositor,” the source went on to say. “But in the end, it was proven that George did, in fact, throw a party and gave everyone $1 million in cash, not to mention a designer bag.” The source also claimed that the investigation is definitely something that Clooney doesn’t need at the moment. “This is the last thing that George needs right now. He’s got twins on the way and G-men at his proverbial doorstep!”

Well, fans of the famous actor can rest assured that the star will not face any consequences linked to this case. Actually, the claims made by the report may be untrue. A Gossip Cop story revealed that none of the allegations is true and there is no official investigation on the famous actor. Well, without a doubt, Clooney seemed really fine and quite happy when he decided to surprise one of his fans. He visited an 87 year old fan at the Sunrise of Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility on her birthday.

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