George Clooney In Handcuffs For Civil Disobedience

What better way to bring the nation’s focus to your particular cause than get a high profile celebrity to join your protest? George Clooney and his father joined a protest against Sudan’s government and ended up in handcuffs for civil disobedience.

On Friday, George Clooney was taken in handcuffs by policemen in front of the Sudan embassy at Washington. According to spokesman George Ogilvie for the Secret Service, Clooney was arrested for crossing a police line. Joined by his father, Nick Clooney, the actor was there to draw attention to their cause.

As the police was taking protesters for processing, George Clooney got distracted as he told reporters, over concerns with his father, also arrested. The actor said: “He’s 78 years old and has never been arrested before”.

George Clooney has been in Washington for the last few days. He joined the cause to bring light over Sudanese government and its actual practices. He spoke before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week about how the Sudanese government is killing people and stopping access to aid for the people in the Nuba Mountains and in the regions of the Blue Nile.  The same day he spoke before the committee he was also invited to take part at a state dinner with the U.S. President Barack Obama and the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.

Before the committee he talked about what he saw during his recent clandestine visit to South Sudan, the Kordofan region. “The south has all of its oil and the north has the pipelines and refineries. For years, the north has been taking the oil and keeping most of the profits, flying bombs and rockets”.

The actor told reporters about the “manmade tragedy” the Sudanese government was putting people through. Speaking on behalf of the cause, Clooney said they want “humanitarian aid to be allowed into the Sudan before it becomes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world – immediately”. His speech added they are there to ask the “government in Khartoum to stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children. Stop raping them, and stop starving them. That’s all we ask”.

After he spent several hours in arrest, George Clooney was released. He paid a $100 fine for crossing the police line.

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  1. George Cloney rocks! He fights for a lot of causes, all great. But the one we all should understand is there is a difference between Government and Humanity. That will never change but with more people standing tall on their beliefs the more we stand together. Speak load and proud and remember there is a cause! United we stand divided we fall! And remember this is one Government, one sector, one of the so true problems with any Government. They cut certain sectors like child protection, legal aid, fmep for mostly dads but no system for the right for Dads to see their kids. If we do not fight for our rights together, they will continue to do as they like!

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