Geneva Motor Show 2014

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most important events at the moment.

New vehicles are expected to be introduced at the 2014 edition of this event. 

Some of the most interesting models expected at the Genera Motor Show are small cars and plug-in hybrids.

Dozens of cars are expected to premier now, while small models are rumored to come with premium features. 

Well, analysts predict that because of these new releases, the car sales in Europe will raise from 2 percent to 4 percent this year.

If the predictions are going to be accurate, this will actually be the first time when this market registers a growth since 2014. 

Moreover, analysts say that the recovery on this market will not be very fast, but an evolution is expected. However, there are other analysts who have given better prognosis, saying that the growth will be even more impressive than that. Still, most analysts think that the European market will never hit the high level of 2007. 

Numerous famous car makers are present at the Geneva Motor Show 2014, so we should expect to see something impressive from each of them. Lamborghini, McLaren and Ferrari are known to make some releases at the event. 

We expect to see small SUVs, which seem to have become more popular among young people and new parents. Jeep is also said to make a new release, as well as Citroen, which is known to present at the event its C4 Cactus. 

Still, the plug-in hybrids models that are set to be exhibited now are among the new concepts presented at the show. Plug-in hybrids promise to come with certain benefits, offering the vehicle the ability to travel on short distances using its electric power. 

However, we will find out more on Tuesday, as the Geneva show will open its doors to journalists. The show is set to be on until March 16.

The vehicles that are going to be introduced at the show are expected to be stylish and economical cars, which might be the perfect combination. Luxurious sports cars and high-end SUVs, along with the plug-in hybrids are expected to be the stars of the event.

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