General Motors Stops Sale of 2013-2014 Chevrolet Cruze Cars due to Airbag Issue

General Motors seems to be facing more and more issues. The famous automaker has announced that they will stop the sale of Chevrolet Cruze cars due to an airbag issue. 

Reports reveal that GM went to tell dealers in both the US and in Canada to stop selling these car models. It seems that these cars are dealing with a potential defect when it comes to air bags, the famous company announced. This is just the latest issue in cars produced by General Motors. The popular company has been through a complex process of recalling a series of vehicles. 

“Certain vehicles may be equipped with a suspect driver’s air bag inflator module that may have been assembled with an incorrect part” a spokesman for General Motors claimed in an official statement, as a report by USA Today revealed. The spokesman also said that General Motors is working very hard to identify all the vehicles that might need the repair. 

“We are working diligently with the supplier of the defective part to identify specific vehicles affected and expect to resume deliveries by the end of this week once those vehicles are identified,” the same statement indicated. Apparently, the identification of this issue was first announced by GM on June 24. It has been revealed that the company has already found no less than 33,000 Cruzes, most of them in North America, with this problem. Most likely GM prepares the recall of these vehicles. 

The cars were built with faulty parts from the bad batch. At this point no cars that have already been sold were recalled by GM. This means that until now, the company is only dealing with a stop-sale. This prevents retailers from selling these vehicles until further notice from GM. However, it is expected for GM to announce a recall of its cars next week. 

In fact, it is expected for this to happen very soon, as GM has been particularly careful in the past few months when it comes to the vehicles it decided to recall. GM has caused a lot of controversy with its delay in recalling the cars which had a problem with the ignition switches. 

Currently, the Cruze is the bestselling car produced by GM. A recall and the stop-sale are definitely expected to impact sales.

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