General Motors Stops Dealers from Selling Cadillac CTS cars

It seems that problems for General Motors are far away from coming to an end. The famous car maker has just ordered dealers to stop selling some CTS car models. Apparently, GM has failed to have a fix for the cars they recalled in June. 

So, GM does not have a fix for the car models it recalled at the end of June. The issue traced in these vehicles was linked to a problem that may cause the engine to be shut off, if the driver’s knee bumps the ignition key. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that the problem was several times traced in these cars. 

Consequently, GM issued a new recall, on July 2, recall which was later on updated on July 8. The famous company recalled no less than 554,000 Cadillacs in the United States. Now, the car marker claimed that dealers should not sell the 2003 to 2013 model of the CTS and the 2004 to 2006 SRX. Since the fix is not available yet, dealers will have to wait until they will be able to sell these cars. 

Now, GM claims that the recall is still in effect and the engineers in the company will be looking for the best solution for these vehicles. However, a rep for GM said that they actually do not have, at least not yet, that solution. 

General Motors has been under the radar for quite some time now. The famous company has been accused of not recalling its vehicles at the right moment, linked to the ignition switches problem. Until now, GM has recalled no less than 14.7 million cars worldwide.

Most of these vehicles have been traced with the ignition switches problem that has been so much debated. Reports indicate that GM knew about this problem, but failed to react in the needed amount of time. This has led to tragedies and a series of problems for GM, including a record fine.

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