General Motors Recalls 83,000 Cars for Power Steering defect

General Motors has announced a new recall in 2015. The famous automaker revealed to be recalling 83,000 Malibus and Pontiacs vehicles, for power steering problem. The recall covers car models from the 2006 and 2007 model years. The company claimed that no crashes or injuries were reported in relation to this defect. The new recall actually is an expansion of a recall that GM announced last year and which involved over 1.3 million cars. 

In fact, in 2014 GM managed to make history, although not in the most pleasant way possible. The famous company recalled millions of vehicles for various problems, while some defects were linked to a number of injuries and even deaths. Since the scandal broke, GM proved to be more committed in ensuring the safety of all drivers. 

About 70,000 of the vehicles recalled at this point were in the United States, while the rest were in Canada and Mexico. Allegedly, Canadian regulators notified the company that there might be a problem with these vehicles. Canadian regulators claimed that several owners of the car models brought into discussion complained of power steering failures in their cars. Following the complaints, GM started an investigation and concluded that the problem with the power steering that might fail affected more products than what they believed at first, when the initial recall was issued. 

In fact, the initial recall linked to the steering problem dates back to March last year. Before the official recall, GM managed to cause quite a big scandal, as the company warned dealers of the problem and told them how it should be fixed, but claimed that dealers should only address the issue if an owner complained about it. After several years of trying to fix the issue quietly, General Motors had to recall all the affected vehicles. In the case of a recall all car owners have to be notified of the potential problem. 

Owners of the affected cars should expect to hear from GM soon, as the company will provide them all the instructions they need to bring their vehicles in to local dealers for the needed repairs and replacements. 

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