General Motors Offers Loaners to Owners of Recalled Cars

In case your car has been taken in for repairs, you may enjoy a new offer from General Motors. The company is offering free loaners to owners of recalled vehicles, until their cars are fixed. 

So, what General Motors is willing to do is to offer other vehicles to car owners until they will be able to get their own cars back. Moreover, General Motors is offering a special deal to these owners, giving them $500 discount in case they want to buy a new car. 

General Motors has recalled more than 1.6 million vehicles that might be experiencing an ignition-switch defect. Until the vehicles will be fixed, car owners will be able to get a free loaner. On the other hand, if you were thinking about changing your car and you still want to buy from GM, this might be the best time, as you can get a good discount. The $500 discount is available until April 30, but General Motors claims that this is not a strategy to trigger sales. 

The offer that General Motors made to its clients was posted on the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the statement, it is available effective immediately. Benefiting from this offer might not be a bad idea in case you need a car until your vehicle is fixed. 

General Motors has announced that the parts they need to fix the faulty switches will only arrive around April 7. This means that it will most likely last a few weeks until the cars will be fixed. 

General Motors recalled its vehicles last month. It seems that these cars have an issue with ignition switches, which cause the engine to shut down unexpectedly. Consequently, drivers lose control over the breaks and air bags may not inflate. The company has announced that the defect has been associated to 12 deaths so far. 

Initially, it has been revealed that 13 deaths occurred due to such a situation, but the company later announced that they double-counted one of the victims. GM is under investigation at the moment, as it has been claimed that the company knew about this problem since 2004, but failed to do anything to have the vehicles repaired. 

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