General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt Is Back In Production

The next generation of auto vehicles determines carmakers today to try their best in making sure their models will be state of the art and leaders in a market with a huge revenue potential. General Motors is one of the automakers that can’t afford losing the opportunity of the market, and Chevrolet Volt is one of its highlights. GM’s Volt is back in production after a prolonged holiday shutdown.

General Motors extended the holiday shutdown for its Chevrolet Volt production maybe a little bit too much. When you’re dealing with a vehicle that is just beginning to stand out from the crowd, increasing sales should be primary and with Volt, General Motors should have been a bit more focused.

Only a few months ago, General Motors faced scrutiny from authorities over the Volt’s risk of fire after accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shut down its investigation in January, after General Motors agreed to conduct some voluntary changes. The automaker added steel reinforcement to the Volt’s battery pack and new sensors.

The federal investigation not only did damage the brand but it had obviously impacted sales. Originally, General Motors estimated it will sell about 10,000 of its Volts for 2011, but sales came in short about 3,000 units.

For 2012, General Motors had in mind a sales target of 45,000. Obviously, that’s not going to happen and the automaker finally came to terms with the situation. According to Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Marketing, the Chevrolet Volt’s sales target for 2012 will abide by the concept: “supply to meet demand”.

As of this week, General Motors began shipping its Low Emissions Chevrolet Volt, particularly designed for the Californian market. According to the company, by the end of the month, the car will be available in more than 140 Chevrolet dealerships throughout California.

Chris Perry added: “The Volts with the low emissions package are certain to be a strong draw for California commuters looking to travel the state’s notoriously congested freeway in the carpool lane”.

The Low Emissions Chevrolet Volt is an option for carpoolers as well as for rebates in the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, benefiting from an incentive of up to $7,500 federal tax credit.

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