General Motors’ CEO to Testify on Recall

Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors, will have to testify on the case involving the recall of vehicles experiencing a problem with ignition switches. 

Last month, General Motors has recalled no less than 1.6 million small cars. These cars came with a vital defect that caused the vehicle to stop suddenly during a ride. The defect has already been associated with no less than 12 deaths. Naturally, related to this case, General Motors is now under investigation. 

Mary Barra, the CEO of the company will have to soon testify on this case. On April 1, Barra will be in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Barra will be heading to the hearing along with the head of the National Highway Traffic Administration, David Friedman. 

The committee announced these hearings on Thursday. As the current CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra has several times apologized for the incidents that have been linked to the company. Barra claimed that General Motors took too long to tell car owners to take their vehicles in for repairs. Some vehicles produced by GM starting with 2004 have experienced an issue with the ignition switches. 

Now, the Department of Justice is investigating if General Motors reacted fast enough or it took them too long to recall the cars that might experience the problem. “Something went wrong with our process” and “terrible things happened,” Mary Barra said. 

Many owners of vehicles produced by General Motors have seen the ignition switches problem. Owners who experienced this issue saw that their engines have shot down, with absolutely no reason, which led to the disable of airbags in the car and naturally to the potential of an extremely severe accident. If the car stopped, while moving at high speeds, the potential of a deadly accident is almost 100 percent. 

Investigators hope to find out from these statements if General Motors knew about this problem and if they reacted quick enough to recall the cars with the deadly defect. The problems within the management of General Motors have appeared long before Mary Barra was named CEO of the company.

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