General Motors CEO Directs Vehicle Recall

Although this may sound quite unusual, the CEO of General Motors claimed to personally direct the vehicle recall of more than 1.37 million cars. 

Mary Barra said she personally supervises the whole process of recalling more than 1.37 million General Motors cars, which are believed to come with a fatal flaw in their ignition switches. The issues traced in some vehicles sold by General Motors has been associated to 31 car crashes and 13 deaths. 

This issue has put General Motors in the middle of a huge scandal, as it has been claimed that the company knew about the problem since 2004.

However, leaders of the company now said that this is a “new leadership team. We’re aiming to do things in the right way.”

Mary Barra recently said that General Motors has created a group of senior executives, including herself, who will monitor the progress on adjustments on recalled vehicles.

Still, the names of the executives who are part of this group have not been disclosed at this point. 

Mary Barra went on to say that “we will hold ourselves accountable and improve our processes so our customers do not experience this again.” The CEO of General Motors went on to say that the reputation of the company depends on the way they will address this problem from now on. 

Mary Barra said that the one to blame for this is the old GM, but the company is a new firm now. Even though the leadership team of General Motors might have been changed and the company is showing a lot of dedication in solving this issue as fast as possible, at least now, GM is still under investigation. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is trying to find out if GM reported the problem soon enough. The company might be fined with up to $35 million in case the investigation reaches the conclusion that they waited for too long before reacting. 

The strategy that General Motors has chosen is to blame everything on the poor management of the company, which is now changed. Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors starting with January 15. She has been with GM since 1980. 

Barra claimed that GM reacted immediately after finding out about the problem with its vehicles. The company was also criticized for recalling too many vehicles, but Barra said that the safety of customers comes first.

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