General Motors Accused of Delay in Recalling Vehicles

It seems that General Motors might be facing quite a scandal. The company is currently accused of delaying too much the process of recalling certain vehicles. 

The delay in recalling some vehicles with defects has been a serious problem, as it actually lead to the death of no less than 6 people. The company might be facing legal problems due to this story. 

An attorney claimed that General Motors actually knew about the problem with some vehicles since 2004, but the company failed to do something to repair it. 

Actually, the company much delayed the process of recalling no less than 778,000 Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 cars.

It seems that these vehicles experienced more than just one issue. The engine would shut off leading to the loss of power at vehicles experiencing this problem. Moreover, it seems that in some cases, in the event of a collision the airbags would not work, either. 

Apparently, until now no less than 6 deaths have resulted from this issue. The family of a woman who died due to such an incident sued General Motors. The woman died in 2010, while driving a 2005 Cobalt. 

Moreover, some reports even say that General Motors first found out about the problem when the vehicle was still in testing. Reports indicate that the problem with the ignition switch was first discovered back in 2005. General Motors did not recall its vehicles, but tried to fix the issue with the use of Technical Service Bulletins. 

Naturally, General Motors refused to make any comments on the matter, saying that they cannot talk about the incident, as it is part of an ongoing lawsuit. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration made no comments, either. 

The law indicates that vehicle makers who discover an issue or a defect in the products they have for sale are required to announce the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and solve the issue as fast as possible. 

General Motors recognized the ignition problem and decided to recall vehicles almost 10 years later.

It is quite well known that numerous vehicle makers had to pay huge fines for not recalling immediately vehicles with problems. Ford and Toyota were in such a situation. 

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