General Motor’s Recall Website Fails to Identify Faulty Vehicles

Problems seem to be far away from ending for General Motors. Apparently, the famous car marker is criticized for the lack of efficiency of its website. It has been revealed that the website of the company failed to identify faulty vehicles. 

General Motors is still under investigation, as everyone is trying to find out why the automaker needed more than 10 years to recall its affected cars on the ignition switch problem. Customers of the popular company can now use a dedicated website to determine if their vehicle has been recalled for this problem. The new site is 

However, the site does not function properly, as car owners are told that their cars are not part of the recall even if they actually are, but the parts needed for the fix are not available yet. This means that owners are not receiving correct information from this site. The announcement was made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

They discovered that GM vehicle owners “are receiving incorrect and misleading results” on this website. The website allows them to find information about their vehicle based on their Vehicle Identification Numbers. The problem that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims to raise in this context is that car owners might think that their vehicles are free from all defects. This is why they advise owners to recheck. 

A statement from General Motors revealed that they know about this problem and they are working to have it fixed. A spokesperson for the famous company said that customers also have the option of calling GM to find out if their cars need to be recalled, offering assistance at all time. “We are aware of NHTSA’s inquiry on the VIN look-up issue. We are making the necessary changes to our website,” this official statement said. 

General Motors has recalled an impressive number of cars so far. The famous company seems to be extremely determined in ensuring the safety of its car owners, regardless of the cost. It has been revealed that GM has invested a huge sum of money in the recall process, but safety comes first. 

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