Gene Simmons’ Restaurant Is Open

In every celeb’s life comes that time when it’s time to make something of the tremendous success obtained throughout the career. Come to think about it, it’s quite impressive how many celebrities put their money in the restaurant business, especially say rock stars…Gene Simmons is the latest celeb to inaugurate such a business. All we’ve got to say is: Gene Simmons’ restaurant is open for business.

You wouldn’t expect Gene Simmons of Kiss to get into the business so well read. But he did. Before putting at stake his money he researched a little bit about something called being an entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur for that matter. Forbes committed a whole material covering Gene Simmons’ lessons in business.

But this story isn’t about what Gene Simmons, the crazy make up guy from Kiss has learned about management in a world where most guys his age are bald, boring and simply plain. This story is about a new restaurant to take into consideration whenever you feel like going for something different in Los Angeles.

Gene Simmons’ restaurant is called “Rock & Brews” and was inaugurated yesterday. The restaurant will be in fact part of a chain he’s planning to develop across the United States. And if Simmons continues his marketing strategy just as aggressive as he has so far, chances are we’ll be witnessing the development of the new “Hard Rock Café” chain.

Take for instance the inauguration of the Rock & Brews restaurant in El Segundo. Simmons organized a lunch at the benefit of the program destined for the Wounded Warrior where he had as guests two dismembered soldiers who received a check worth $25,000.

Part of the promotion campaign, Simmons had an interview with Fox and Friends where he caused a little bit of fuss over the internet with a controversial argument: “America is a business and should be run by a businessman”. That was his point when asked about the current Republican nomination race and the upcoming presidential elections.

In the end, Gene Simmons endorsed Mitt Romney. “Strictly speaking on the economy and in my humble opinion, Mitt Romney” he said and added he regrets the endorsement he gave Obama back in 2008.

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