Gavin Smith Is Still Missing

When a Hollywood executive goes missing, media, family, friends and authorities come together to raise awareness over the matter. Gavin Smith is the Hollywood executive from 20th Century Fox who went missing last week. Since then family and friends have tried to figure out where Gavin might have disappeared. Despite efforts, Gavin Smith is still missing.

Last week it was the last time anybody heard and saw Gavin Smith. The former UCLA basketball player and the 20th Century Fox executive was last seen driving away in his black Mercedes. He left his friend’s house at about 10 p.m. and since then it seems like he just vanished in thin air.

Obviously many have speculated that Hollywood executives have a certain way of living their life. That is mysterious, passionate and now. So, maybe Gavin Smith’s disappearance has nothing to do with worries he might have been kidnapped or suffered an accident. Maybe he had a temper tantrum and left his family. But in an interview with ABC News, Gavin Smith’s wife said he’d never do such a thing.

Evan Smith, one of Gavin Smith’s sons, told ABC News: “He would never do anything like that. He’s a great father. My dad had no reason to leave. No reason at all”. Evan added that his dad was last seen wearing purple workout pants. “That’s what he was wearing, you know? It doesn’t sound like he was going anywhere you know?” added the oldest son.

The 57 year old movie executive was reported missing by his own wife on Wednesday morning. Lisa, the wife, said that she spoke with Gavin Smith last Tuesday to ask him to pick up their son. Gavin Smith’s sister, Tara Addeo has a similar take. She said: “As soon as I heard that he had not picked up Austin from school, that’s when I said, ‘There has to be something wrong’. What that is, I don’t know. I don’t know”.

So far, authorities seem to be overwhelmed and have asked for public help. Gavin Smith’s black Mercedes had a storage roof rack, tinted windows and the following license plate 6EKT044. The car was a 2000 Mercedes Benz 420E.

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