Gavin Rossdale Wants Gwen Stefani Back

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani stopped being a couple quite some time ago. However, it seems that at least one of the two stars has some regrets. Gavin Rossdale has recently said that he does not want to divorce Gwen and maybe he actually wants her back. Gwen Stefani is currently dating Blake Shelton. 

The singer and the country music star have been a couple ever since Gwen and Gavin announced their divorce. The two seem to be getting along so well that the rumors are saying that they are going to get married soon. Some rumors claimed that Gwen and Blake are thinking about having a family, including welcoming a child together. However, the rumors have not been confirmed and it appears that the two singers are not married yet. 

So, Gavin Rossdale decided to open up about his separation from Gwen. The star talked to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine during a new interview and he had only good things to say about his former wife. “We had 20 years together and that in itself is pretty incredible,” he said. “It’s a lifetime. I still think she’s incredible. It was a lovely 20 years and we have three amazing children. There were a lot of positives, and with time they’ll become more and more obvious.”

The singer went on to make a curious and interesting statement. He actually said that he didn’t want to get divorced, but it seems that there was nothing he could do to stop this. “[Divorce] was completely opposite to what I wanted. Really not,” the star said. 

“Apart from death, I think divorce is one of the hardest, most painful things to go through. The one thing – the only good thing, because everything else is not good – is we care about the children and it’s about them. So we do everything to make this life change as seamless as possible,” he went on to say. 

Gavin also revealed that he turned to his eldest child, Daisy, during the divorce for support. The singer revealed that his daughter’s unconditional love and support are the most powerful things for him.

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