Gavin Rossdale Ready to Move on From Gwen Stefani Divorce

Without a doubt, Gwen Stefani has moved on from her failed marriage to Gavin Rossdale. However, it seems that the time has come for Gavin Rossdale to move on, as well. The famous singer claimed that he has to leave this story behind him now. So, maybe, Gavin is ready to find a new love interest. 

Gavin opened up about the divorce in an interview with The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Gain Rossdale and Gwen Stefani were married for no less than 13 years, so there is no wonder that the separation came in as a shock. The formerly married couple has three children together. Actually, the divorce has been filed with rumors and shocking claims. Among these were claims that Gavin had cheated on his famous wife with no one else than his children’s nanny. 

So, after the divorce filing it has been said that Gavin cheated on his famous wife with Mindy Mann, the woman who was taking care of the children. Of course, the rumors were never confirmed. Now, Gavin and Gwen share the custody of their three children and they have both tried to move on. Gwen has surely managed to do so, as the star is said to be planning her wedding to her current boyfriend, Blake Shelton. 

Now, Gavin also seems determined to move on. “It’s like enough already. I’ve got to move on. Everyone has got to move on,” the popular actor said. “For me, it’s just thinking about the boys and how to prioritize them. That’s the driving force behind everything,” he went on to add. The actor also claimed that although it may not be easy, you have to find the strength to make it. 

“You just have to… I don’t know. Somehow you have to put one foot after the other and make it happen,” the star went on to say. “I have an incredible life with them, and that’s what matters. You can’t keep up with all the vitriol. Just don’t get into all that.” Gavin also said that when it comes to parenting, he is trying to teach his children how to be better than him.

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