Gavin Rossdale Enjoys date with Nanny

Without a doubt, Gavin Rossdale managed to surprise with his latest public appearance. Gavin was spotted with no one else than the nanny who was said to have interfered in his marriage to Gwen Stefani. 

So, when the separation of famous singer Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale was revealed, it was actually claimed that Gavin cheated on his wife. Of course, the rumors were not confirmed, but reports claimed that the musician had an affair with his children’s nanny. Gwen has moved on since the separation and now it seems that Gavin is free to date the nanny. 

So, the musician was recently seen having lunch with the woman who used to take care of his children. This former nanny was said to have been Gavin’s mistress, while he was still married to Gwen. Mindy Mann and Gavin Rossdale were seen enjoying lunch together in North Hollywood. Some eyewitnesses claimed that Mindy dyed her hair red, maybe in the attempt to become unrecognizable, but the witnesses revealed that it was her who meet up with Gavin. 

Eyewitnesses told Radar Online that the two seemed very close and Gavin even ate from Mindy’s plate. The two also enjoyed a few beers before leaving the venue. “They definitely acted like a couple,” the insider said. “They were eating off each other’s plates, leaning in and laughing,” it added. The source also claimed that Gavin and Mindy arrived and left together after less than two hours. 

“It seemed like they were trying to stay under the radar, because this place if off the beaten path,” the source also said. Of course, Gavin, or his rep, have not talked about this latest report, so it is yet to see if the musician is really dating the former nanny. 

The scandal involving this alleged cheating story first emerged after it has been claimed that Gwen Stefani found some text messages between Gavin and Mindy on her children’s iPad, as well as some pictures of the nanny. Some insiders said that the affair led to the separation of the two stars.

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