Gasoline Rationing Plan Adopted In NY After Sandy

New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has released a statement announcing that a gasoline rationing plan will be enacted in the city to help residents cope with Sandy’s repercussions. The plan presupposes that motorists will fill their tanks up every other day, the Associated Press reports.

Gas stations were crammed with drivers on Thursday night as soon as the Mayor communicated that a gasoline rationing plan will be enacted starting on Friday. Police officers are now supervising the activity of gas stations to make sure the plan is observed by all drivers in New York and Long Island.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg reassured everyone that the plan was elaborated to ensure a fair chance for everyone. He further stated that the measures that were adopted are the least oppressive because the City Hall wants to make things easier for everyone.

The adoption of the plan was all the more necessary considering that the weather conditions grew worse in New York City since Wednesday evening. The relief efforts that authorities have made in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy were stymied by the dense snow and heavy winds that covered the states between New York and New England. Given these circumstances, the power outage is expected to continue in the following period.

While Bloomberg is assuring residents that constant efforts are being made to restore the city to its pre-Sandy condition, residents in New York and New Jersey have begun to lose their temper. They claim they have waited too long for the electricity to come back and they request an investigation because they think facilities are working too slowly. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is backing them up; he, too, thinks the facilities are unprepared and badly managed. “It’s unacceptable the longer it goes on because the longer it goes on, people’s suffering is worse,” Cuomo added.

The gasoline rationing plan was adopted at 5 a.m. on Friday on Long Island and at 6 a.m. in New York City. Drivers with license-plate numbers ending in an odd number or a letter will be able to fill up on Friday, whereas drivers with license plates that end in even numbers or zero can fuel up on Saturday. The plan, which will last for a couple of weeks, does not apply to buses, taxes and limousines, commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles.

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