Gary Busey Owes Massive Debt To Texas State

After Gary Dourdan announced his bankruptcy last month, another celebrity bites the dust. According to TMZ, this time it is Gary Busey who owes a massive debt of $450,000 to the Texas state.

Gary Busey’s bankruptcy case has just ended at the beginning of the month, but the problems seem to keep on coming for the “Piranha 3D” star. On Sunday, the actor confessed that he still owes a big sum of money to the Texas state and it is very unlikely that he will be able to pay it very soon. The debt amounts to more than $450,000, which is still too much for the actor considering that he had very few movie contracts in the past years.

In February 2012, Busey filed for Chapter 7 because he owed more than $500k to his creditors. Judges agreed that the actor should be discharged from his bankruptcy on November 26. The deal enabled Busey to keep all his assets; their value has been estimated to $26k. He also managed to get rid of part of his debt, that is, the $57,303.63 he owed to creditors, utility companies and doctors.

Attorneys think they have obtained a good deal for the actor, but Gary claims the sum of money he is supposed to pay is still very big for his pockets. He will have to figure out a method to pay for the $451,297.33 that the state is requesting as the debt is not eligible to be cleared.

Reporters have contacted Gary Busey to find out his opinion about the recent events in his life, but the star didn’t seem to be very frightened about the prospect of not being able to pay for his debt. He told reporters that “when you have too much, it’s a good feeling to let go”. He is now keen on meeting the available budget, so he will spend as little as possible in the future.

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