Gary Busey Involved in Car Accident

Famous actor Gary Busey was involved in a car accident. In fact, the actor hit a woman with his car. Apparently, the accident occurred when the actor was backing out of a parking area, in Malibu California. He struck the pedestrian in the parking lot of a supermarket. 

Luckily, the victim was fine and no arrests were made. “Gary Busey was the driver. He was backing out of a parking stall and bumped someone. L.A. County Fire responded. Treated the victim at the scene. She was fine. There were no arrests. No conspiracies. No DUIs,” a spokesperson for the police claimed. Of course, the cops were called at the scene of the events. 

So, this means that the actor was released after the incident, as there was no evidence that he consumed alcohol or illegal substances. However, the cops will continue to investigate the incident. It is believed that the woman did not see the actor’s vehicle trying to back up. Moreover, it has been claimed that the actor did not see the woman trying to exist the space. After all, accidents can happen. 

In fact, it happens quite often for people to suffer fatal injuries because a pedestrian is in the driver’s blind spot or because in that fraction of a moment the driver or the pedestrian aren’t careful enough. The paramedics also arrived at the scene and offered the woman medical attention. Luckily, she only suffered minor injuries and was able to leave by herself after the paramedics treated her. 

This is not the first time when the actor is involved in a car accident. In fact, Gary suffered from severe injuries back in 1988, when he was involved in a motorcycle crash. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. The woman in the vehicle he struck was killed. 

Another terrible accident involving a celebrity occurred this month. Naturally, this is the accident involving Bruce Jenner. Bruce crash into another vehicle, which resulted into one woman’s death. The investigation on this case still continues. Bruce Jenner claimed that the accident occurred as he was trying to escape the paparazzi. 

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