Gartner Estimates iPhone’s Market Share Will Drop In Q1

As much as Apple fully enjoyed the popularity and increase in revenue its iPhone4S model brought, Gartner estimates that’s about to come to an end. Gartner says that iPhone’s market share will drop in Q1 and continue the downturn for a couple of quarters, as interest towards the latest iPhone model plummets.

Apple must have seen this coming and it should be no surprise if the company chooses to release its new iPhone and iPad in the following weeks just to set things straight. They are tablet and smartphone market leaders and when sales are stale they’ve got the secret: throw in another novelty.

But since there are only rumors regarding Apple’s release of the new iPad at the beginning of March, Gartner’s data is more practical. The research firm estimates that Apple’s market share will slip as consumers lose interest in buying iPhone 4S, despite a larger availability.

Gartner said that Apple’s strong performance will continue into the first quarter but will begin to plummet down the road. iPhone 4S brought Apple record breaking revenues in the last quarter of 2011 and reestablished the company as leader in its market. iPhone sales doubled in the last quarter, recording a 24 percent share in the smartphone market.

But Apple isn’t the only player in the business to suffer losses. Gartner estimates that the cellphone market growth that boomed last year won’t have the same performance in 2012. The research firm writes that the cell phone market growth will slow this year, as weakening economies hurt the demand.

The overall cell phone sales volume growth will slow to 7 percent from 11 percent last year. And the reduction will be recorded by the smartphone market too, which is expected to slow to 39 percent from 58 percent.

Analyst Roberta Cozza told Reuters that “in some regions economic conditions have slowed down the replacement market” and “consumers are more cautious”.

Earlier this month, ABC News wrote that according to analysts who follow Apple, the iPad 3 is likely to be released this March. And such analysts might be right, particularly since AllThingsD, a website affiliated with The Wall Street Journal, reported that Apple is organizing an event in San Francisco the first week of March.

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