Game of Thrones Renewed for Season 5 and 6

Game of Thrones fans should be very happy to find out that their favorite television series has been renewed for two more seasons. 

There is no shock in the fact that HBO decided to renew the show for two seasons, having under consideration the great success that Game of Thrones enjoys. Currently, viewers can watch season 4, which already started to air. 

The success of the show is best proved by the impressive number of viewers. Game of Thrones is watched by no less than 6.6 million viewers. The hit series is based on the highly successful books released by George RR Martin. It is believed that season 5 of this television series will start airing next spring. 

Until then, fans can only enjoy the 4th season of the series, which is as popular as possible. In fact, the television series is considered to be a “phenomenon like no other,” by the president of programming at HBO. In fact, a statement released By Michael Lombardo said that the fame of the series continues to surprise everyone. 

“David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, along with their talented collaborators, continue to surpass themselves, and we look forward to more of their dazzling storytelling,” the statement said. 

Game of Thrones is expected to have 7 or 8 seasons, overall. However, some rumors indicated that maybe producers will try to keep the story on for longer. Still, the creators of Game of Thrones revealed that it is very unlikely for the series to go near 10 or 11 seasons, as it “doesn’t just keep on going because it can.”

So, the plan is to have seven seasons of Game of Thrones. Maybe, an eight season might happen, too, but probably this is all. So, Game of Thrones is now at the half of its story. Martin is still working at his books, so anything might happen, but reports reveal that the author of the Game of Thrones books talked to the producers of the television series and this is what they established. 

Martin is also expected to release the latest of his Game of Thrones book. So, there are many surprises for fans coming soon. 

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