Game of Thrones Poster Raises New Debates

Ever since the finale of the last season of Game of Thrones aired earlier this year, a series of rumors emerged. Of course, all that fans want to find out is whether one of the main characters, Jon Snow, will survive or not. 

In the last episode of the season that aired starting with April 2015, Jon Snow was brutally murdered by his own men from the Night’s Watch. Although at the end of the season, the character really seemed to be dead, fans refused to believe it. Moreover, although producers dismissed the rumors saying that Jon Snow will survive, fans continued to maintain their belief that they couldn’t have killed Jon Snow. 

Well, finally, fans have a reason to hope: the latest poster of Game of Thornes. This is the first promo ad of the upcoming sixth season of the popular televisions series and it already started numerous debates. Of course, this is because the ad features no one else than Jon Snow. Naturally, the poster points to the fact that the character is not completely dead. 

However, in the pic, Jon Snow looks down, with his eye closed, while blood steaks down his face. This could mean that Jon Snow is alive, but maybe not the way he was before. Of course, this leads to new questions, such as how will Jon Snow be featured on the show, what happened and what will happen to him. 

The fact that Jon Show will return in a way or another in the show, despite his tragic death was quite apparent, as the actor who plays this role, Kit Harington, was spotted on the set of the series. Furthermore, Kit continued to maintain his “Jon Snow look”. However, this poster comes to confirm more than that. 

First of all, it confirms the fact that Jon Snow’s coming back to life might have a little something to do with magic. However, what the producers have prepared for Jon Snow during this upcoming season of the famous television series is yet to be found out. Without a doubt, millions of fans from all around the world are anxious to discover it. 

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