Game Developers Award Won by The Last of Us

The Last of Us is the happy and the big winner at the Game Developers Choice Awards. The game won the biggest honor at the famous awards ceremony. 

The Last of Us was created by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. The post-apocalyptic survival saga was so appreciated that it became the winner of this year’s trophy, naturally Best Game of the Year. The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, so this is when the winner was announced. 

In fact, The Last of Us was also the winner of the awards for best design and narrative, during the same ceremony. So, The Last of Us definitely is the big winner of the year. BioShock Infinite also received an award. This game was honored with the best audio and visual art. On the other hand, Papers Please was awarded with the best downloadable game prize. 

The awards ceremony was held at the Moscone Center. Other winners of the night were Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V, which received the award for best technology, while Gone Home was the winner in the best debut category. 

Of course, the fact that The Last of Us won more than one award was not very curious. In fact, the popularity of the game was visible, which made us expect it to be on the list of the winners. The ceremony which took place in San Francisco included a series of categories, such as Audience Choice Award, which was won by Kerbal Space Program by Squad, as well as Innovation Award, which was won by Papers Please

The Lifetime Achievement award went to Ken Kutaragi, the award coming in recognition for the successful career and the achievements of this developer until now. The Ambassador Award went to Anita Sarkeesian, who created Feminist Frequency

So, The Last of Us is the game of the year, so in case you did not try it yet, you should make sure to check this game out. The game was first revealed last summer and it enjoyed quite a great success. At the Game Developers Choice Awards in San Francisco are awarded all the games which managed to impress when it comes to three aspects, artistry, creativity and technology. 

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