Game Button: an infinite number of games for Chrome

For users Google Chrome, the browser’s most popular search engine, today we present a new extension that will help relax your notebook or desktop. As for the quality and quantity, Chrome is to overcome Mozilla Firefox! Indeed, “Game Button” is an add on with a multitude of video games, what better way to relax a few minutes between a business break or simply if you have nothing to do.
It ‘a collection of 250 games developed with Flash technology, and with one bottonte, precisely Game Button, these games are a click away. Many categories including being able to choose the best flash games: classic, sports games, driving simulation games, shooter, adventure, action, games for kids, toys for girls and other categories. So there is something for everyone. And to use the Button Game?
Nothing more simple, click on this link and then click Install. Once installed the extension, the button with all games will appear on your top bar of Chrome by clicking on the category you choose, and will open a new window where you can choose the games in the category that you selected.
Clicking on the name of the game in a few seconds a window flash will load and you can have fun with “Super Mario” for instance! Among the most famous, besides the classic Mario, including Tetris, Pac Man and Sonic. So we hope you’ll enjoy Game Button.

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