Galaxy S6 to be Revealed Soon

The new Galaxy S6 will soon be revealed. Naturally, as the moment of the release is closer, the expectations are bigger. So, Samsung is actually expected to unveil its latest smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, taking place over the weekend. The popular tech giant has given some hits on what the new device will feature and it surely seems that it will be an amazing new phone. 

Allegedly, Samsung Galaxy S 6 will feature an all-metal frame instead of a plastic backing, as Galaxy S5. This means that Samsung has put some focus in design and the new phone promises to look great. Well, the new phone is also expected to come with the curved design that Samsung has already revealed with the Galaxy Note Edge. This seems to be a new trend for the famous company, so most likely the new design will be featured in this latest flagship phone, as well. 

Although not much has been revealed by the famous electronics company at this point, Samsung might have a series of new plans. The popular company announced last week the purchase of LoopPay, a mobile payments start-up. After the acquisition was revealed, rumors indicated that Samsung might be interested in adding this new technology to its future mobile devices. 

Furthermore, it seems that Samsung plans on investing more in wireless charging technology, to address an issue that many customers complain about: running out of battery in the middle of the day. “Samsung will accelerate to democratize this wireless charging technology with compelling smartphones. With our upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will be able to enter a new wireless world like never before,” Seho Park, Samsung’s principal engineer claimed. “Two or three years ago, wireless charging was only twenty to thirty percent as fast as wired charging. But since then, we have been able to double the charging speed,” he added. 

Now, analysts seem to wonder how Samsung will do on the market, having under consideration the amazing success enjoyed by Apple’s latest phone, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So, the question that raises in this context is how many people will want to buy the new Android phone. Samsung has always struggled to be a solid competitor to Apple, but with the release of the biggest screen iPhone ever, it definitely lost some ground. 

So, soon we will be find out how this new device will be received on the market and how many people will be eager to purchase it. 

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