Gabrielle Union Talks about Pregnancy Rumors

Lately, some rumors have been on, indicating that famous actress Gabrielle Union might be expecting a child. The rumors said that the actress was pregnant with her first child with husband Dwayne Wade. Well, apparently, Gabrielle Union decided to dismiss all the claims.

So, the actress took to social media to share her dismissal of the pregnancy rumors. The star shared a message on Twitter, on June 10, saying that she is not pregnant. Gabrielle Union is married to Dwyane Wade. The two have no children together, so there is no wonder after all that some rumors emerged. 

The pregnancy rumors first emerged after Gabrielle was seen trying to hide what seemed to be a baby bump. Furthermore, a report by MediaTakeOut indicated that some sources, close to the star, confirmed the fact that Gabrielle was set to welcome a child. These insiders indicated that both Gabrielle and Dwayne were very excited with the fact that they will welcome a baby. 

The insiders claimed that Gabrielle was in her first trimester of pregnancy and she just wanted more time to pass until making public the fact that she is set to welcome a child. “They are waiting until Gabby’s out of her first trimester to announce publicly. Gabby is two and a half months pregnant,” a source said. 

Well, after all, the claims may not be true, as Gabrielle decided to dismiss them. “Lmaooo… Newsflash! Women have these things called periods. On occasion there is bloating…and breathing. Meanwhile I’m enjoying cockatils. Just becuz you say it and say it and say it and say it…doesn’t make it true or real. Enjoy the weekend folks, I’ll be at the bar. Didn’t realize my uterus needed a publicist to account for its comings & goings (uterus hijinks! Whatta rascal) #periodwatch #bloatnotababy,” her Twitter post said. 

The actress also revealed that she knows that some fans might be disappointed that she is not pregnant, but clarified that if some baby news will be revealed, they will be shared by herself. “PS It’s weird to create fake pregnancies for ppl #periodwatch. I also have never responded to the COUNTLESS fake pregnancies I’ve been given over the years but I just SO love writing ‘uterus’ UTERUS JOY!” Gabrielle concluded. 

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