Gabby Douglas Told Oprah Other Gymnasts Bullied Her

Gabby Douglas might now be a celebrity in the United States and nationwide appreciated for her achievements, but things haven’t always been this great for her. Gabby Douglas told Oprah other gymnasts used to bully her. The 16-year-old gymnasts talked about the challenges, injuries and sacrifices in her career.

Before the Olympic Games this year, Gabby Douglas was virtually unknown for the most part of the United States. Since she made a blast at the 2012 Olympics, Gabby Douglas became a symbol.  At only 16 years old, Gabby Douglas had to make incredible hard sacrifices and put up with bullying and racism to eventually achieve her dream of being a gold-medalist at the Olympic Games.

Gabby Douglas’s interview with Oprah is set to air this Sunday on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”. The 16-year-old gymnast will be joined on set by her mother, Natalie, her other three siblings and Liang Chow, her coach. Gabby Douglas agreed to come forward and talk about her journey in the hope the story of sacrifice and hurdles will be an inspiration for viewers.

“I wanted everyone to know my story, know where I came from, know my background” confessed Gabby Douglas. “It was not easy. I had to face a lot coming through this journey, a lot of sacrifices, difficulties, challenges, even injuries” she added. In a nutshell at 16 years, Gabby Douglas successfully overcame a lot more hurdles than most of today’s content adults.

“So I wanted everyone to know it still is possible in any sport for anyone. I wanted to make them know, never give up and just keep fighting because though times may be tough, sacrifices are not in vain and they do pay off” Olympian Gabby Douglas said.

In the end “just keep pushing toward your dream and just love it at the same time and enjoy it” the gymnast concluded. Coming from a 16-year-old this kind of advice is surely inspiring.

Part of the hurdles is coping with bullying and racism revealed the 16-year-old. “I felt I was being bullied and isolated from the group” Gabby Douglas says of the time she was 14 years old and in training. “Just they treated me, not how they would treat their other teammates” she added.

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