FX Promotes “Anger Management” With Web Series “On The Couch With Dr. Sheen”

FX chose a unique method of promoting their upcoming serial “Anger Management”, says TMZ. The television network teamed up with Yahoo! TV and created the web series called “On The Couch With Dr. Sheen” where Charlie Sheen acts as a therapist for real-life people.

“On The Couch With Dr. Sheen” may not be the funniest web series, but it is definitely the most original way to promote Charlie Sheen’s latest sitcom “Anger Management”. Judging by the looks of the film that was released on Monday, the actor is supposed to act as an anger-management therapist who tries to solve real-life people’s issues.

Yahoo! TV got their real-life characters from Twitter by asking their followers to describe some of the most powerful anger stories they experienced. After reading all their stories, Yahoo picked up the three most interesting individuals and arranged for them to fly to Los Angeles and meet therapist Sheen. He would listen to their stories and try to offer them the best advice.

The first patient was Rita, a woman from Georgia who confessed that she got so angry with her husband when she was pregnant that she nailed all the windows and doors shut. They started the conversation by talking about Rita’s first flight; she told Charlie that she got a little bit emotional when the plane took off, but everything was alright in the end. Rita went on and explained Sheen that her husband had spent $40 dollars “on a loaf of bread”. She got mad and tried to prevent him from entering the house again by nailing the windows and the doors shut. She left only one window for her.

Although she initially thought the punishment was a good idea, the woman realized she had made a mistake. She tried to get out of the house through the small window that was still useable and she got stuck because she was pregnant.

Charlie Sheen was sympathetic throughout the whole time the woman was telling her story. In the end, he suggested her to tune in on FX every Thursday to see “Anger Management” and hopefully learn new ways to cope with her anger. The show is expected to start on June 28.

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  1. I like being there with Rita In Hollywood Ca. with On the couch with Dr . Sheen . I think The show is going to be a good thing for lots of us . Charlie is a Very nice Person. I sure enjoy getting to go with my niece to be there & see her . It was so funny…..Thanks Mr. Sheen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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