Full weekend in Rimini

Full weekend at the house in the hotels of Rimini: the expected movement of the faithful Church Renewal in the Holy Spirit and tourists who decided to spend May 1 at the sea
Rimini (TT) – Weekend congested the Riviera of Rimini, during the weekend, will host the faithful of the Church Renewal Movement in the Holy Spirit and all the tourists, because of the good weather in recent days, spend the bridge – as a tight – the sea.
“Over the past two days – said Patrizia Rinaldis, president of the Italian Rimini hotel – we started receiving phone calls requesting information for the families who stay during the weekend. Unfortunately there is a bridge interesting and currently guests are booking to spend a couple of nights with the formula of bed & breakfast and visit amusement parks. You can not talk about peak calls but are starting to move all now. Many hotels, however, are already booked by the faithful Renewal in the Spirit. “
From April 29 to May 2, in fact, are expected to Rimini 20 thousand faithful ecclesial movement of Renewal in the Spirit for the XXXIII National Convening Group and the Community. The number of participants than last year which stood at over 25 thousand attendance is slightly down though, as indicated by the organizing secretary, “the estimate of this year refers to the reservations already made in the hotel and takes no account of those involved to actually call and book privately. A definitive figure will be released until the end. “
On the weekend of May 1, then, between the arrival of the charismatic and tourists eager to spend at least two days on the Riviera, the total attendance at Rimini tap fee should reach 30 thousand.

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