‘Frozen Planet’ – A Story Of Life And Death

The new series produced by Discovery Channel, ‘Frozen Planet’ premiered on Sunday, March 18, according to Huffington Post. The production, narrated by Alec Baldwin, is a story of life and death at the poles of the Earth and includes seven episodes.

‘Frozen Planet’ was produced by the same team who created the ‘Planet Earth’ documentary also broadcasted on Discovery Channel. Nevertheless, the story about life conditions in the Arctic and the Antarctic seems to be much more interesting than the first production. The programme drew a large audience during the Sunday premiere also because the narrator of the documentary is Alec Baldwin.

Like most of the shows created by the Discovery Channel there are many useful things that viewers can learn from ‘Frozen Planet’. Although many similar programmes were seen before, the current documentary was very much appreciated due to its original content.

There have been seven new pieces of information that viewers were able to find out during the first episode of the show, according to Huffington Post. Killer whales, for instance, use a special team work technique called “wave washing” in order to drown seals and eat them, whereas male polar bears have to fight with other suitors to protect their mates.

While traveling across the Antarctic, the Discovery Channel team was able to witness some of the most spectacular natural phenomena. Those who thought plants and trees can’t survive at the poles, were probably surprised to see that the globe is circled by the so-called Taiga forest which contains one third of all the trees existing on the planet. “The Finger Of Death”, however, is the most unusual and dangerous phenomenon. According to the makers of the show, “The Finger Of Death” is a brinicle that is formed when brine from the Artic sea sinks. This ice takes the form of an underwater tornado that freezes everything on the bottom of the ocean. Another interesting aspect that viewers were able to find out on Sunday was that Mount Erebus is the southernmost active volcano on Earth. Its interior is entirely made out of ice caves due to the hot gasses that travel through the volcano’s cracks.

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